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Reducing Driver's License Suspension

Is your Pennsylvania driver's license suspended?

Most of us depend on our driving privileges in all aspects of our life. The suspension of a drivers license can have distarous consequences, especially for CDL Drivers. DLG Attorneys understand that a driver's license suspension can affect your ability to make a living and support your family. We also know a number of ways to get you back on the road. Call Toll-Free 855-PA-DRIVER immediately for a free initial consultation.



Sample traffic offenses that will cause your driver's license to be suspended:

  • Points Accumilation
  • DUI / DAI
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Reckless Driving
  • Racing on a Highway
  • Overtaking a School Bus
  • Failure to Appear

If you have received a citation for any of the above violations, your driving privilege is in jeopardy. Contact DLG now!

Sample Driver's License Situations:

  1. A driver receives a citation for a traffic offense that involves a license suspension. The driver, not realizing that his license will be suspended, pleads guilty and pays the fine just "to get it over with" and move on. A few weeks later, the driver receives Notice of Suspension from PENNDOT.

  2. Same facts as above. But in this case, the driver has moved to a new address without notifying PennDOT of the change. PennDOT will now send the Notice of Suspension to the old address, and PennDOT's mailings will not be forwarded to the new address even if the driver has submitted a Change of Address form to the Post Office. The driver may not even realize his driving privilege is suspended for several months or even years and will not get credit toward the suspension until they surrender their license to PennDOT.

  3. A driver is convicted or pleads guilty to a criminal or traffic offense that triggers a PA driver's license suspension. In order to begin receiving credit towards the suspension, the driver surrenders his license to PennDOT. However, the driver retains possession of a duplicate, camera card, or other "license product." PennDOT will not give credit towards the suspension until all license products have been surrendered.

  4. A driver has been arrested for DUI and the arresting officer has notified PennDOT that the driver refused to submit to a blood or breath test (a "Chemical Test Refusal"). PennDOT is now imposing a suspension that goes into effect more or less immediately. The suspension will become effective unless action is taken right away.

  5. An out-of-state driver is having trouble obtaining or renewing a driver's license in another state as a result of convictions or suspensions in Pennsylvania from years ago. A driver has been issued a citation and is unsure if the charge would trigger points or a license suspension if convicted.